(CNN) - Operation Overlord was launched over 76 years ago on June 6, 1944. Commonly known as D-Day -- a military term for the first day of a combat operation -- it was the largest seaborne invation in history and it kick-started the Battle of Normandy, which successfully opened a second, Western front in Nazi-occupied Europe.

(CNN) - There are 130 museums in the five boroughs of New York City, according to city data, including some renownded museums that house the work of world-famous artists.

"Many people in the city see museums as sage places for having meaningful conversation about diffult subjects. Art is sometimes a bridge todo that," Marianne Lamonaca told CNN.

"We're saying it's not too late, but you have to have a plan. Police are overwhelmed, they can't be everywhere. They can't handle everything." he said.

(CNN) -  The latest forecast track has Tropical Storm Cristobal -- the third named storm of what is expected to be an active hurricane season -- making landfall sometime Sunday afternoon or early evening.

(CNN) - How to talke to your children about protests and racism

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