NPR - The lies we tell ourselves about race

NPR的头条文章是由黑人记者主持人Sam Sanders的文章。Sanders在节目It's Been a Minute With Sam Sandres中推出的最新一集“The Capitol, Mobbed” 介绍了他的观点。

Sanders认为,美国人一直在对待种族歧视问题上对自己说谎,或者在面对种族歧视,或者一些非常恶劣的行径中都会自我安慰:美国本不是这样的("This isn't America!" or "This isn't who we are!" or "We're better than this!")。

甚至在上周国会山被暴徒冲击后,被护送回国会大厅的内布拉斯加州共和党参议员Ben Sasse又老生常谈(Came back to this refrain:):应该让我们的孩子知道,这种情况不是美国所应该有的(Our kids need to know that this isn't what America is.)。

We are a country built on fabrication, nostalgia and euphemism.

Our current troubles - and our current administration - are both just the latest chapters in America's ongoing battle over race.

Once you see it as such, it all makes a lot more sense. Remember, Trump began his ascent to political power on a racist lie: birtherism.

这个birtherism直译是出生地主义。根据维基解释,birtherism在美国曾经形成一个运动:movement in the United States that casts doubt on or denies that President Barack Obama is a natural-born U.S. citizen and is thus ineligible to be President. 最近这个词又套在了新当选的美国副总统Harris的头上。特朗普在竞选之时就宣称墨西哥移民是罪犯和强奸犯。而他的第一个主要政策就是穆斯林国家的旅游禁令。他的支持者会将这些其实是种族歧视的行为解析为对经济的忧虑。


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