Jin Yong

Jin Yong,Louis Cha Jing-yong, 查良镛,better known by his pen name Jin Yong, was a Chinese wuxia ("martial arts and chivalry") noelist and essayist who cofounded the Hong Kong daily newspaper Ming Pao in 1959 and served as its first editor-in-chief. He was Hong Kong 's most famous writer.

His wuxia novels have a widespread following in Chinese communities worldwide. His 15 works wirtten between 1955 and 1972 earned him a reputation as one of the greatest and most popular wuxia writer ever. By the time of his death he was the best-selling Chinese author, and over 100 million copies of his works have been sold worldwide.

Jin Yong is named along with Gu Long and Liang Yusheng as the ""Three  Legs of the Tripod of Wuxia".

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