Train Wreck

CNN- Trump is not just in denail but also indifferent to an unfolding American tragedy

It's a "public health train wreck in slow motion," in the words of one health expert, and the best President Donald Trump cares to offer the thousands more American projected to shortly die of Covid-19 is the unsubstantiated prospect of a "beautiful surprise".

train wreck 字面上看是火车残骸、事故,其实有人也专门做了分析。据说这个词组使用的频率还不小。


The world's most powerful nation lacks a coherent national strategy to meet another cresting viral crisis, the capacity or even the willingness to take steps that might stop it.

作为世界上实力最强的国家,居然缺乏(lack):(1)a coherent national strategy。全国统一清晰的策略;(2)the capacity。能力;(3)even the willingness。甚至是意愿。

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