NPR - The mystery of India's plummeting Covid-19 cases


Sientists say it's a mystery. They're probing why Indian's coronavirus numbers have declined so dramatically - and so suddenly, in September and October, months before any vaccination began.

They're tring to figure out what Indains may be doing right and how to mimic that in other countries that are still suffering.

Scholars are examining India's mask mandates and public compliance, as well as climate, demographics and patterns of diseases that typically circulate in the country.

文章分析了为什么印度的新冠感染病例大幅下降的原因:Mask and mandates、Heat and humidity、Prevalence of other disease、Demographics、TIMING。

其中人口结构:India is a very young country as well. Only 6% of Indians are older than 65. More than half the population is under 25. Those who are young are less likely to die of COVID, and more likely to show no symptons if infected. 而且超过65岁的老人患病死亡率反而不高的原因是,活过了65岁的印度人,其实身体素质都很强。

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